Hi, I’m Ním

I think a lot about how work works and talk to people about how they do the thing they do.

I wrote The Theory of Conceptual Labor to talk about a particular kind of hard work.

I wrote this essay to talk about that work in the arts.

I review the hard work of dancers and visual artists and sometimes big shows.

Besides writing, most of my conceptual labor goes into my paintings or practicing Sun style Taiji.

I also do all kinds of work at all kinds of levels when it comes to making websites. Mainly for the rad folks at Bletchley Park, but I freelance too.

Here’s a project I made about the way that the tech world talks about work.

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Place and Time

That time I went to LA

That time we went to Crater Lake

That time we went to Joshua tree

When I saw this I said

ha -- wow -- good