Hi, I’m Ním

I think a lot about how work works and talk to people about how they do the thing they do.

I wrote The Theory of Conceptual Labor to talk about a particular kind of hard work.

I wrote this essay to talk about that work in the arts.

I review the hard work of dancers and visual artists and sometimes big shows.

Besides writing, most of my conceptual labor goes into my paintings or practicing Sun style Taiji.

I also do all kinds of work at all kinds of levels when it comes to making websites. Mainly for the rad folks at Bletchley Park, but I freelance too.

Here’s a project I made about the way that the tech world talks about work.

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Seeing Through Photographs

An essay about cameras and the things I pointed them at. The first of a series of essays about perception, images, and patterns that I will be posting on Medium in 2015.


My 2.5 hours at the Los Angeles Art Book fair. The recap no one asked for.


Nancy Drew and the Case of Writer's Block

Because why not write an existential Nancy Drew story. [pdf]


Portland Dance

I've been reviewing dance and art for Oregon Artswatch for a couple years now. I got to see some good stuff.

Nationale is a special place

My friend May has been doing a bang-up job of curating and keeping shop in Portland.

Place and Time

That time I went to LA

That time we went to Crater Lake

That time we went to Joshua tree

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