The-Space-Between-Front-Detail-Dark.jpg The Space Between Front Detail Dark

Halftone pattern drilled by hand into found doors, supported by abandoned speaker poles found on the streets of Glasgow

The-Space-Between-Front-View.jpg The Space Between Front View

The-Space-Between-Rear-View.jpg The Space Between Rear View

Rear view

Space-Between-Projection-Only.jpg Space Between Projection Only

Projected image created by halftone pattern hand-drilled in found doors

The-Space-Between-Side-View.jpg The Space Between Side View

Installation View

The Space Between

Projection and sculpture, featured in Glasgow International 2008. Consisting of found objects, an image of two lovers' faces nearly touching is projected by shining a shop light through a through two wardrobe doors with the image in halftone drilled into it by hand. 2007

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